Thermal Anti Condensation Paint

  • TruTherm Anti-condensation paint formulation prevents moisture from forming on internal walls and ceilings.
  • TruTherm thermal paint for walls, Inhibits the growth of mould.
  • Trutherm is a paint for rooms subjected to condensation walls and ceilings. It contains high-strength, low-density additives that create a layer of insulation.
  • improves the thermal properties and performance of the treated surfaces.




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Product Description

Benefits of Thermal Anti-Condensation Paint:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency – By combining thermal insulation and moisture control. Thermal anti-condensation paint helps optimize energy efficiency by reducing both heat loss and condensation-related energy losses.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – as well as controlling moisture levels and inhibiting mould and mildew growth. TruTherm contributes to healthier indoor environments with better air quality.
  • Long-Term Protection – TruTherm will provide a durable coating that not only insulates surfaces but also safeguards against moisture-related damage, such as mould growth, peeling, and staining.
  • Cost Savings – with its ability to reduce energy consumption, prevent moisture-related repairs, and prolong the lifespan of building components, thermal anti-condensation paint offers significant cost savings over time.

TruTherm by comparison:

To create effective anti-condensation paints, formulate them below the CPVC threshold – TruTherm ✅

The dry paint film is especially non-porous. Impervious to water, scrub, and stain resistant – TruTherm ✅

The use of fungicides helps enhance the durability of the paint – TruTherm ✅

For effective anti-condensation paint, prioritize low thermal conductivity to enhance wall surface temperature through some degree of thermal insulation – TruTherm ✅

The temperature of the wall in contact with the ambient moist atmosphere is greater. Condensation will not appear or will be delayed on its surface – TruTherm ✅

Why does condensation form in my home?
Condensation forms more easily on cold surfaces in the home, for example walls and ceilings. In some cases, those surfaces can be made warmer by improving the thermal insulation. In many cases, thermal insulation is not possible due to house configuration or cost of refurbishment. An efficient way of combating condensation is to cover walls and ceilings with a specially formulated anti-condensation paint and TruTherm anti condensation paint has been formulated using the latest technology of additives.


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Anti Condensation Paint
Thermal Anti Condensation Paint
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