Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid

Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid is a clear, colourless, penetrating Fire Protection with an optional functional Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Sealer for wear, damp & UV resistance available in clear or woodstain colours.

Please Note: If certification is required, please complete an intumescent enquiry form, prior to purchase of the product. This will ensure the correct quantity is applied to achieve the fire rating.



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Product Description

Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid is a clear, colourless, one coat penetrating fluid for fire protection on wood. In a fire, the Thermoproof fluid reacts with the woods cells to create a flame & heat resistant barrier. The optional sealer is flame-retardant. Resists light cleaning & handling.

  • Fire protection fluid for porous internal wood
  • Finish Options: Bare uncoated, Clear Sealed, Woodstain Sealed
  • Clear sealed finish: 1 coat Thermoproof + 1 coat Thermoproof Sealer Clear
  • Woodstain finish: 1 coat Thermoproof + 1 or 2 coats Thermoproof Sealer

For treatment with Thermoproof to be effective, it needs to be able to penetrate the wood. Allow Thermoproof to fully dry for a minimum 4 days before you apply any sealer or recommended top coats.

These usually do not make wood water-proof.

The enquiry form is available to download from the ‘Data Sheets’ tab.


Application Conditions
Apply to dry wood (Max. 16% moisture), above 5°C in dry conditions.


Bare wood option – 1 coat Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid
Apply by Brush, Roller or Spray

NOTE: To check final effect, apply to test patch before application to entire area.

Return as much unused material to its original container as possible. Wash brushes, rollers and guns with clean waters immediately following use.


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Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid
Thermoguard Thermoproof Interior Fluid
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