Palatine Stain Blocking Primer

a white or grey primer coat designed to cover stains, preventing them from bleeding through future coats.

  •  Suitable for a variety of surfaces, including wood and metal
  • Touch Dry in 3 hours
  • Apply by brush, roller or either airless or conventional spray
  • Colour: White or Grey
  • Estimated Coverage: 12 – 14sqm




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Product Description

Palatine Stain Blocking Primer is a white or grey primer coat designed to cover stains. The solvent based primer prevents the stains from bleeding through future coats applied to the surface.

It is suitable for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces and provides excellent coverage to a multitude of stains. This stops them from showing through the topcoat and diminishing the appearance of walls an other surfaces.

Palatine Stain Blocking Primer is touch dry in 3 hours and hard dry in 8 hours. Leave 24 hours before overcoating.

The estimated coverage of Palatine Stain Blocking Primer is 12 – 14sqm. For cleaning and thinning, use Palatine White Spirit.

Product Documents

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Palatine Stain Blocking Primer white 5L
Palatine Stain Blocking Primer
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