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Brush Mate Fluid 250ml

250ml bottle of refill fluid. Specially formulated for use with the Brush Mate Trade 20

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Product Description

  • Brush Mate Fluid 250ml. A 250ml bottle of refill fluid for the Brush Mate Trade 20 brush storage system.  The storage system makes your life easier and helps the environment. It does this by preserving your brushes until next time you need them with no need to clean after every use! Just pack up and go at the end of the day.
  • While the brush system comes with a 250ml bottle of fluid, you may need to top up if you allow the system to run dry. Brushes can actually be stored indefinitely as long as you ensure the fluid doesn’t run dry.
  • How does it work? The vapour from the fluid prevents the paint on the brushes from drying. It does this by stopping the paint solvents ‘flashing’ off the brush and also by preventing the chemical drying process (polymerisation) that normally takes place as paint dries. Use brushmate fluid 250ml with any type of brush except those with copper or brass ferrules or rivets. Browse our Brush Section Here.
  • Want to know how BrushMate helps the environment? Read our blog here and if you have questions about the system try the Frequently Asked Questions


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Brush Mate Fluid 250ml

10 in stock

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