Using the right painting equipment makes the job easier and produces better results. As a manufacturer/supplier of paints and coatings, we feel it is important to also supply the relevant brushes, paint rollers, abrasives and masking tapes to use too.  In this section you will find paint brushes in all sizes including block brushes for fences and brushes for varnishes, solvent based paints and masonry paints.  Solvent resistant rollers make for trouble free application of most of our paints and we supply these rollers in mini 4″ roller size and standard size as well as special floor painting rollers – look for the ones with the blue stripe. We also have a guide in our blog to help you choose the right roller for your project.  Prepping your job has never been easier with our range of scrapers, cloths, dust sheets, carpet protectors, ladders and brush cleaning kits (check out the brush mate 4 brush storage kit).

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