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The benefits of using a paint primer


A new lick of paint will have your home looking fresh and new in no time – it’s an inexpensive way to update your home for the new season, or just add a small change to the room if it’s looking a bit tired. If you’re considering painting your walls, then make sure you apply a paint primer first – not only will it make the colour of your paint more vibrant, but it will keep the paint looking fresher for longer.

It saves you money and time


With a paint primer, you end up using less paint than you would normally, as the primer acts as a sealant to produce a smooth canvas. There’s no need for layer upon layer of paint to get a consistent finish, and so not only will you save some valuable time, you’ll save some money too.


It allows you to paint any surface


If you’re painting an obscure surface like vinyl, for example, it’s common that paint will not bond with the surface and will end up looking patchy, or won’t dry at all. With a paint primer these are problems of the past – just one coat before painting will improve paint adhesion on any surface, so you can paint without problems.


It can help your paint last longer


Paint will always look great just after it has dried – the colour’s vibrant, the finish is smooth, and everything looks fresh and new. What about in a year or two? It’s a common problem that paint fades or begins to show signs of wear and tear after a while – with a paint primer, you can avoid touch-ups and extra paint jobs.


It makes your colours richer


Chances are that, if you’re painting on a wall, there’s still paint from a previous job staining certain parts – this can show through and alter the colour of your paint, meaning you don’t end up with the colour that you want. Using a paint primer will hide any marks or previous paint jobs, so that your colour stays vibrant and true.


It controls stains


Water stains, pen and lipstick are all examples of stains that show through paint – paint primers will block these stains and make sure that your new colour isn’t ruined by previous accidents and mishaps. They allow you to start every new layer with a clean, unmarked canvas.


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