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  • Cleaning

    Prosolve Anti-bacterial Prowipe Tub of 110 Wipes

    From: £3.99

    These are big wipes, they are strong and absorbent and are great for removing even the heaviest deposits of grease and grime. Lint-free.

    • They contain a powerful anti-bacterial performance against MRSA, e-Coli, and salmonella.
    • Removes oil, grease, sealants, paint and dirt.
    • The unique 3 layered laminate fabric offering greater tear resistance.
    • Torsional strength in both directions and greatly improved absorbancy
    • Each tub contains 110 wipes which is more than the standard offering on any competitive wipes tub.

    Our expert says “These are great for removing silicone, paint, PU foam, gap fill, oil, adhesive and more from hands, tools, and surfaces. They are big wipes and offer a huge 99.9% antibacterial protection for the fraction of the price of others on the market.”

    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
  • Aerosols Specialist

    Prosolve Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer Aerosol 750ml

    £7.49 exc VAT | £8.99 inc VAT

    Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer / Bitumen Spray. Suitable for tarmac, roofing, gutter repairs, and also as a tack.

    • An applied cold joint sealer for easy sealing around vertical joints.
    • Ideal for use when carrying out road pothole repair as it creates a solid adhesive bond between the concrete and asphalt surfaces

    Our expert says “This is an excellent product that increases the durability of tarmac repairs, it seals against moisture and frost. Perfect for filling small gaps and sealing gutters.”

    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
  • Face Masks

    Prosolve 3ply Disposable Face Mask

    From: £0.70

    A 3PLY Disposable Face Mask conforming to CE EN149 FFP2. The centre layer is a 25GSM BEF99 medical level filter.

    • Outer and Inner layers are made from SS (spunbond+spunbond) non woven fabric.
    • Middle layer is made from 25gsm BEF95 particulate filtration.
    • Elastic ear loops
    • Size: 175 x 95mm

    This product is designed to be disposable.

    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
  • Face Masks

    Prosolve KN95 FFP2 Disposable Respirator Face Mask

    From: £3.00
    • Single or discounted box of 50 available
    • An FFP2 Respirator Face Mask
    • 5-layer face mask
    • White non-woven fabric outer layer
    • Hot air cotton layer between 2 layers of melt-blown filter fabric
    • Inner, skin-friendly non-woven fabric
    • Flexible double core nose clip
    • High elastic ear band
    • Size: 105 x 158mm

    They are suitable for adult protection, and used to filter bacteria, body fluids (droplets), pollen, formaldehyde etc. Can be used as a daily protective product, the air filtration efficiency of the mask is not less than 95%.

    The mask’s 3D shape is designed according to the ergonomics of the human face to ensure the tightness and increase the breathing capacity of the mask, greatly improve the air permeability and make it more comfortable to wear and breathe.

    Complies with EU EN149:2001+A1:2009 standards.

    Effectively blocks tiny particles in the air, including: bacteria droplets, flu germs, PM2.5, pollen, dust and exhaust fumes.

    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
  • Aerosols

    Prosolve™ All Purpose Acrylic Gloss Paint 500ml Aerosol (Box Of 12)

    £76.80 £61.20

    This all-purpose acrylic based gloss spray paint is suitable for application to many surfaces including wood, MDF, ceramic and paint prepared plastic.

    Box of 12 per colour (not mixed)


    Colours Available:
    Black,  Blue, Green, White, Red, Yellow

  • Sanitizers / Wipes

    Prosolve Hand Sanitising and Cleansing Gel (250ml) Pump Action

    From: £8.33

    ProSolve Hand Sanitising and Cleansing Gel (with 70% Alcohol) has been formulated to keep hands free from germs and bacteria. Effectively killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria, and effective against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    The pump-action design ensures your hands are clean and sanitised after each use.

    No towel or water required to use simply cover hands in gel and continue to rub in until the alcohol-based gel evaporates completely.

    • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria
    • 70% alcohol formula
    • Highly effective against COVID-19
    • Antibacterial
    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
  • Sanitizers / Wipes

    Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ml

    From: £4.20

    Hand Sanitiser Gel kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds.

    • Protect hands against bacteria and viruses
    • No water needed
    • Aloe Vera to help keep hands moisturised
    • Added moisturisers, glycerin and aloe vera to leave hands feeling soft
    :Estimated dispatch by 26/07/2021
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