Wood oil: Why use it and which one to choose?

Wood oil…why would you use it? Why not varnish? Wood oils act as a protective, decorative and water repellent finish for wood. Oils penetrate deep, nourishing the wood and replenishing its natural oils. They also enhance the natural grain of wood and generally have a...

What is Chlorinated Rubber Paint?

You may have heard people talking about chlorinated rubber paint and wondered where and how it is used. Chlorinated rubber paint actually has a whole range of uses because of its water repellency, flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and anti-mould qualities....

Paint Waste: Reducing Environmental Damage

We love paint, of course we do, we are paint manufacturers after all. Paint has the power to transform a drab building, structure, piece of machinery or item of furniture. Paint also offers essential protection, extending the lifetime of a building or product and...

Two Hour Gloss in Action at Leigh Spinners Mill

The Leigh Building Preservation Trust is part of a project to preserve the fine old Leigh Spinners Mill, a grade II listed building here in Lancashire. The building is a rare, surviving example of a twin mill structure of the last great mill-building generation. The...

70 years of business in Paint

A lifetime of paint!   Palatine Paints has been around for over 65 years. We have been manufacturing and supplying paint for a short lifetime! This well-established company has supplied and provided hundreds of companies with paint and supplies. Palatine paints...

How To Get Your Decking Looking Perfect

Painting or staining your decking can be an especially difficult task, especially if you’re looking to create a beautiful glossy finish. But when it’s done right it can truly be the finishing touch to your garden. Not only are the results aesthetically...
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