Paint Colour Scheme for 2017

Paint Colour Schemes for 2017

Are you looking for a new design for your home? Do you need to know what colour schemes everyone will be talking about in the new year?

This is a compiled list of all the future colour trends for your home in 2017. We have compiled a list of all the different paint colour schemes for 2017.

Dusted Yellow –

The first on our list is a very basic and comfortable look. It is a mix of grey walls with white trim, grey wood and a couple or one soft yellow table top or lamp shade. The soft yellow piece is complemented because of the light grey shades throughout the room.

Light Blue/Green –

with colours like black and white accessories these colours can complement any unique furniture or modern design. These colours can be used in many different rooms around the home, but we suggest this paint colour scheme in living rooms where there is often lots of natural light.

Sunshine yellow –

This paint colour scheme will fit perfectly in most bedroom designs, we suggest having one wall with some funky wallpaper designs on. Having yellow flowers in this room will also compliment the colour and theme of the room. Maybe even having some sunflower accessories as an added extra as well. This room is bright and vibrant and will appeal to anyone.

Saturated green –

Often seen in new kitchen designs, this pair of saturated green and black with white worktops is a stunning colour scheme for many kitchens. Dark or grey wood furniture also compliments the walls and worktops with either wooden or white accessories such as kettles, toasters and pans.

Dusky Blue –

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to decorating. If you want a dark blue paint colour scheme, then the dusky blue is the right colour. Paired with white and light wood this colour scheme fits in many living rooms and bedroom designs. This paint colour scheme is seen in many beach houses with large open windows with lots of natural light.

Mineral Grey –

This dark grey paint colour scheme fits with copper furniture and darker woods. This room has a classic feel to it and should be paired with paintings and old rugs. The grey on the walls is complimented by dark wood flooring and dark lights. The features of this design should be grey or bronze in colour.

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