Fast Drying Paints

Fast Drying Paints & Why there a must have!

If you are looking for paint for a particular project whether you are an industrial, commercial or domestic customer then it’s worthwhile thinking about looking into fast drying paint.

Fast drying paint allows an even finish with application and the performance quality of traditional paints. The ranges at Palatine paints include the following;

Fast drying primers –

Primers are also known as undercoat. It is used as a preparatory paint in order to ensure that a surface is ready to be painted. Priming assures that the paint that is applied to the surface is durable. It also helps to protect the material that is being painted.  A primer is applied once the surface is prepared and ready for painting. The benefits of using a primer in the fast drying paints selection ensures that your surface will be ready for its next stage of painting much quicker.

Fast drying Top coats –

Top coat is applied at the end stage of painting once the previous coats have finished drying. Top coat gives a perfect luxurious finish to the end project and can be found in both gloss and matt finishes. When using fast drying paints once the top coat is applied you will be able to continue to use the painted finished product much sooner than traditional drying paints.

Our collection of paints including fast drying paints can all be found on our website under the relevant sections to the use they are required for. The paints that we have available can all delivered for your ease at a time and venue of your choice. If you need paints to be delivered in bulk, then we can accommodate for this also. We are there for all of your pain needs.

fast drying paints

The range of paints we have alongside our fast drying paints include the following, you can click on each range to find out more;

  • Industrial Paints
  • Decorative Paints
  • Wood treatments
  • Agricultural Paints
  • Floor paint and sealants
  • Decorating Equipment
  • Preparation
  • Branded Paints


We also offer fast drying paints under some of our branded paint selections including our own Palatine paints, Barrettine, Leyland Trade, and Rodo.

If you are in need of fast drying paints or any other paint for a project, then do not hesitate to visit our website here or give us a call direct on 01942 884122 and speak to one of our experts today about your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist.