Get incredible agricultural paint from Palatine Paints

Get incredible agricultural paint from Palatine Paints

Get incredible agricultural paint from Palatine Paints

When it comes to agricultural paint, it’s important to choose one that’s long-lasting. There’s nothing as frustrating as finding your recently-painted shed looking shabby and colorless. With so many paint companies out there promising to provide you with the best quality paints, it’s quite easy to fall into the ensnaring trap of purchasing mediocre paint. Only a handful of companies provide high-quality agricultural paint. Palatine Paints has been manufacturing outstanding paints for more than sixty five years. With such tremendous experience, we’ve established a firm customer base. Our wide variety of paint coatings are renowned for their quality and excellence.

About our unmatched paints and coatings

At Palatine Paints, we have numerous in-house chemists who work tirelessly to produce better, more advanced paints each day. In addition, we’ve embraced some well-established brand products. These include Johnstone’s paints, Leyland and Barretine wood treatments. We understand your great need for high quality agricultural paint for your structures and machinery. We’ve got a variety of paints that you’ll love. If you desire decorative paints, we have a vast selection of undercoats and primers to choose from. Our top coats and emulsion paints are unlike any other. If you prefer a metallic hammer finish, Palatine paints have the best selection to choose from.
Although wood is a common building material in most farms, it is also quite sensitive. If not treated well, wood can get infested by insects such as moth and termites. It can also wear down due to the harsh effects of the sun and rain. It therefore needs to be coated with the best wood treatments money can buy. Palatine Paints provides the most effective wood treatments to cater to your every need. We offer decking oils, wood oils and pallet paints to ensure that your wood isn’t affected by moisture and other contaminants. We also have the best wood preservatives and varnishes to help get rid of wood-eating insects.

It’s quite easy to get the best agricultural paint for your farm or industry. We provide fast-drying primers and coats to ensure that your structures are quickly protected. Most of our paints dry naturally using air. Our Bitumen and Specialist paints are something to admire. Few companies produce paints that’s as excellent and long lasting as those we produce. If you desire aerosols, solvents and thinners for industrial use, we have an impressive selection you can choose from. We also have barn paint and parlour paint to help you rejuvenate your barns and sheds.

Apart from our excellent agricultural paint, we also offer accompanying decorating equipment. These include brushes, rollers and poles. Some companies sell these essential equipment at ridiculously expensive prices. Others sell worthless, poor quality products that last for months at best. Here at Palatine paints, you’re guaranteed to get durable decorating equipment at an affordable price. Our extension poles and masonry rollers are perfect for masonry work around your farm. You’ll be delighted by our mini roller kits as well as our double arm refills.
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How To Get Your Decking Looking Perfect

Painting or staining your decking can be an especially difficult task, especially if you’re looking to create a beautiful glossy finish. But when it’s done right it can truly be the finishing touch to your garden. Not only are the results aesthetically pleasing, but the regular maintenance of the structure through re-coating will help to extend its lifecycle and save you money on unnecessary replacement. The vast majority of stainers that are out there on the market will have direct instructions on how to best apply their products, but we’ve compiled a handy list of tips to ensure that you get the best possible results.

The vast majority of people choose to stain rather than paint their decking. Painting tends to work better on softwoods while staining is recommended for both – but especially hardwood materials.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the decking is completely dry – if there has been a heavy downpour of rain then it’s recommended that you wait roughly a week to ensure that there is no moisture within the wood. This helps to enhance the final outcome as it will allow for a more uniform application of the product – not possible if you try to apply coatings just after rain. It is also best if you don’t apply stains when it’s especially hot since the product will dry before it gets the chance to provide an even coverage.

Tips for decking staining from Palatine Paints

A glossy finish will require a bit more care and attention then a simple paint. The first step is ensuring that the surface is as smooth as possible; if you’ve neglected the decking for a while and it’s in a bad shape – we’ve a selection of scrapers and knives that will get the job done. Cleaning the wood and getting rid of the accumulated dirt and grime that is hanging around the garden is also very important. Secondly, there will be a couple of gaps within the wood because of the nails – this requires a quality filler, which you’ll find plenty of by clicking here and helps to keep future moisture out. Primer is the third step to great decking if you’re painting because it allows for the paint to better adhere to the wood.

Whilst you can use a wide variety of different brushes to get the job done, it is recommended that you use top quality goods for the best possible results. Synthetic brushes from our range are the perfect choice for coatings that are water based while our selection of no-bristle loss brushes help to make the coating of oil based stains easier.

Now that you’re ready to apply the stain, remember that less is more. If you completely drench the brush in the stain then the product will peel over time, use only as much that is required to be absorbed. Once you’ve followed the instructions and finished staining the decking, wait about 24 hours before you walk on it.

Once this process is all done, we’ve got the cleaner products to ensure that its look is maintained all year long, in a selection of colours to suit your particular requirements. Our whole wood stain category has all that you require in order to get that decking looking professional.

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